Week 11 Journal

Week 11 679 Journal

This week our Essential Question was “What is the game you are thinking of writing up for your classroom?” I said I am thinking of using Quizizz, Flipquiz, and Newsela.

I need to come up with a theme like other blogs that I have been reading about. I was think of using the theme “Iditarod” for the trail across northern Alaska once used to deliver serum to save the people who were sick. I think all of the kids know this story about the Iditarod or we can read it to refresh students’ minds. In the classroom, I would organize different groups according to the different regions of Alaska. When we do Quizizz, students can earn extra points for their team. The homework parts can be extra. After students earn a number of points, they will get coordinates to navigate the trail. They will have to use a map to figure out which is the best direction to go. All travel would be done on land. It could also be run like in “Alaska Survivor,” where students would be given a clue and have to race there. The first group to arrive would get to choose what they want to use. They have to work together to race to the finish. This is what I am thinking now, but I may change it a bit.

In reading others’ blogs, I was very impressed with the things my classmates are thinking about and doing. When I read Anothony’s blog, I was blown away. I think it was so awesome how one of his scrolls is in pieces and the kids have to work together to put it back together. This sounds very exciting. He is also using ClassCraft. I may have to look more into ClassCraft and see how the battles he is writing about happen. Sometimes all of the game talk feels a little over my head: XP, AP, GP—I just don’t know if I can learn all that there is to about this game. It seems a little too much for me now. Maybe eventually I will get it.

One thing that I understood was what Gerald wrote about. He wrote about game replay, where students are able to redo assignments for mastery. Other terms, like “experience points,” and “leveling,” I am still not quite sure about. I think I get “boss challenge”—when they challenge you at something and can earn points. He talked about using clickers. Clickers are always fun and students should enjoy that.

Kate said engagement is the best for getting rid of unwanted behavior. That is so true! I agreed with her question: Why reinvent the wheel when you can use another game and adjust it? She is using a game called Pandemic. I like that in that game students are playing against the game and not each other. This sounds like a great lesson!

Mariah’s lesson is very creative! Sounds like an excellent learning tool! I think the kids are going to love it. I like the idea they are in the future and they have to figure out why people have lost their memories. I also like how they have the ability to gain items to help them get closer to helping the world remember mathematics.

Reading people’s blogs was very helpful for me. I think I have gotten some ideas to use for a game in my classroom. I just need to look at the rubric, see if I have all of the pieces, and work on it. It has been hard for me to think of a game because I was thinking we needed to make our own. Now that I see others are using other games like Monopoly and Pandemic, I feel more confident about customizing Quizizz, Flipquiz or Newsela to make my Iditarod game more engaging. I hope it works out. I guess the real test occurs when the students play it—I would expect to have to need to adjust some parts after we experiment.

I look forward to hearing more about other classmates’ games and how things go with them. They all sound so exciting! I hope mine is equally stimulating and engaging for the students.


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