Week 9 Journal

Week 9 Journal 679

This week our essential question was “How do you currently infuse play into your class? How might you change this as a result of some of the ideas you have encountered?”

I do not currently infuse too much play into the classroom. When I do, I use tools such as Kahoot and geography games to review for a quiz. I have also printed out maps of a continent and have had students get into groups and keep score to study for a quiz. Other than that, gaming does not play a big role in my curriculum.

My perceptions of gaming in the classroom have changed, and I feel prepared to experiment with incorporating more game playing into my teaching. This last platform that we learned about, ClassCraft, is one example of something I have encountered in this class that I am excited to try out.  I think I will start with one game and then, after I get used to that, integrate another. There are many great ideas but I feel a little overwhelmed since I do not know much about gaming, badges, or other tools I am just now learning about. It is all new to me, so I will start small and, when I feel more comfortable with gaming, infuse more of it into my classroom.

In reading others’ blogs, Heather is going to try a monopoly-type approach and have students choose their path. I think this sounds exciting! I suspect she will get a lot of buy-in from the students, because they will get to choose what they want to do first.

I told Gerald that I am still trying to embrace gamification as well. I am not a gamer and don’t play games in my class, except Kahoot, and that is only once in a while. I suggested he try to use Kahoot to play a math game with the students.

Kate wrote about a fun way to review vocabulary that gives students a chance to move around. She said that sometimes she will stick a definition and word on students’ backs and they have to find the definition that matches the word. I like that idea. She wrote about code.org, and I said I have heard of code.org and one of our teachers was doing that with our students. I told her that I need to find more social studies games that I can do with students.

I told Anthony that I don’t infuse gaming into my classroom as well. I would like to, but I need to learn more games that I can bring into my classroom. He wrote about how if students get their homework done, they can shoot a basketball and, if they make it so many times, can get a prize from the prize box. I said that sounds like a great way to encourage students to get their homework done. He also wrote about how sometimes he will have the class challenge him. I said that is another great way to engage students. Who wouldn’t want to try to beat their teacher at a game?

Heather liked the idea of house vs. students. It is similar to what Anthony talked about where you challenges the students. I said I would have to try that out. I can see where it might give me a playful way to interact with my students. I told her that this is my question as well: “How can I tie these games to my story line of the gamified course and the badges?” I like the penny drop, but how do I create a game out of this, or is this supposed to be just fun for the students. I like the idea but was not sure how to incorporate it into my classroom.

It has been a busy week, but very productive. I have gained many ideas from reading others’ blogs about some ways I have not thought of that teachers are using gaming in their classrooms.  Like I said before, I have not been integrating many games, but I am excited about what I am learning and look forward to bringing it some of this into my classroom, so  I will have more engaged students. I look forward to seeing this one day.


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