Week 8 Reflection 674

Week 8 Reflection 674

This week our essential question was “What would you require of instructors who taught a course you designed? Why?” I would require an instructor to either take the class beforehand or to go through the class with me. This way, the instructor will be able to ask questions and get clarification from me. It will also give the instructor some sense of what the students will be experiencing and provide information on how to respond to learners’ questions. Moore and Boettcher also had some great ideas that I would recommend to follow as well to create a smooth course for the instructor and students.

In responding to others’ blogs, Teresa mentioned two great requirements: good organizational and technology skills. I think both of these are must-haves! I read that, with most online courses, you have to do your own problem solving with technology. So organization is essential. She also mentioned Boettcher’s ten best practices for teaching online, which are also very useful.

Amy had a great idea to set up a training course and have teachers walk through the class they would teach and become familiar with both the content and method of delivery. I also like how she mentioned she would like to focus on getting the instructors comfortable with the three types of interaction that are imperative to online learning success: Learner-Content Interaction, Learner-Instruction Interaction, and Learner-Learner Interaction. These three communication pairs provide a clear way to understand the way learning occurs in an online course.

Dan made a great point here: “There is one variable though that can affect the success or failure of the online experience and that is whether or not the instructor has the technical capabilities to troubleshoot technology barriers as they arise, and regardless of the bombproof nature of the course or the platform, technical difficulties will arise and they will come up in the middle of the instruction.” I know from experience that this is so very true. If you don’t have tech support, you will soon be out of luck. So that was a good point!

Genevieve mentioned several pieces that are important to track when teaching an online course: content management, student progress, learner support, and course effectiveness. In addition, the instructor should create a student contact spreadsheet, which could include, phone numbers, email addresses, and blog rolls. They should be in contact with the students, so will need to be able to contact them quickly.

It was a great week of interacting with others. This next week, our group has to present on Chapter 11 in our reading. I look forward to working with my group to create and deliver a presentation next week. It has been a very busy but productive week, and I look forward to what this next week has to offer.

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