Week 4 Journal 679

Week 4 Journal 679

This week our Essential Question was, “How can immersive virtual reality enhance gamification?” Immersive virtual reality may enhance user experience and engagement. With Google Cardboard, students are able to see places they never have seen before. It is similar to a game. Devices like this are being used for learning now, along with video games. I bought a VR for my husband and was blown away when I tried it. I can only imagine what the kids would do it they had never experienced something like this before or the realities it can expose them to.

I am very excited about Google Cardboard. I think it would go well with social studies. Students can see places that we only read about. How cool is that?! I get excited just talking about it. I am going to invest in this technology. At least half the students from each class have access to a smart phone; for the others, we can share the phones we have.

In reading others’ blogs, Aleta was talking about Google Cardboard. I replied with what I said above—that this would be great in my class, since I teach social studies. She also shared some sites that look interesting:

for discovery 3D videos.


3d Videos on YouTube 3d


Nat Geo


She has shared a lot of resources that I will look into when I have more time. I am looking forward to learning more about this.

Ali shared this video, “The Real Benefit of Virtual Reality: Education.” She said it is like Magic School Bus, the YouTube video.  I love the magic school bus!

I have the same belief as Ali that virtual reality can enhance a student’s learning. I watched a video she showed and thought, “That would be awesome, what the EON Reality video shows. I wonder when schools will get there?” I know I would be excited to use that in my classroom.

I told Anthony that I bought a VR for my husband and was blown away. I was like, if I get so excited about this, I can only imagine how excited students will be. I will have to check this out:  https://nearpod.com/nearpod-vr.  I am sold and want this in my classroom. I am going to try to get some of the Google Cardboards, because I think they will really engage students.

Heather mentioned how some kids can get sick from VR. I said, “I am excited about Google Cardboard, but did not factor in that some kids may get sick from it. I wouldn’t let them walk around with it. I want to buy a couple just to try them out and see what lessons I can use with them. I know once I get some I would be hooked and the kids would be, as well.

It has been a good week, and we have decided to go with blogs, rather than all posting on one page. I think this will be easier. It will allow us to interact more with the other students in the class and see what they have to say. I’ve become aware of a lot of resources that I want to look more into from reading others’ blogs. It has been a great week!


2 thoughts on “Week 4 Journal 679

  1. Theresa,
    I am also thrilled about using VR google cardboard in my classroom! I bought one, but it hasn’t arrived yet. I’ve also downloaded the app and can’t wait to use it! The possibilities are truly endless with VR in the classroom. I agree, VR would blow social studies out of the water! Students can get the hands-on experience of places that they never imagined of going to! I would love to get my hands on a classroom set of Google Cardboard Expeditions! Too bad it’s 8000 dollars for a set of 20. Great post and thanks for sharing the link.


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