Week 13 668 Reflection

Week 13 668 Reflection

This week we wrote about our philosophy of adaptation. I thought this was an assignment that was due last week, so I finished early. I sat down to write and plunged right into it. I try my best to learn new things because I can see that technology is forever changing the world and the classroom. I can’t teach the same way I learned. I need to find new ways to get information to the students, and technology is one increasingly important way. I think Fullan’s adaptation to change is a great model to follow. By incorporating Fullan’s model, I now can help my coworkers as they experience new changes that are about to happen, whether having to do with technology, budget cuts, or something else. I can be the crutch that they need to get them through and, once they get through, they will be fine.

Reading others’ blogs Ali, feels that same way as I do about technology. She also tries to include it as much as possible. I also liked what she said about the students needing 21st century skills—that many of the jobs these students will have will be with technology that has not been created yet. I think that is why it is important to use as much technology as you can in your classroom. It occurs to me that it’s really not about specific technologies the students know now as much as how well they are prepared to adapt to new technologies that are now perpetually coming on line. Teachers need to develop the same ability to adapt and model it for students. Ali also mentioned Fullan’s components of change, which I think are important as well.

Cindy wrote that it is critical that students contribute to a connected society. I think that is a very good point. She also included Fullan’s five components that are necessary for change. I like how she not only tries to get kids excited for technology but to get other teachers behind it as well.

Sunshine wrote that she teaches her students to use the resources around them. They will use this throughout their lives, so it is a great skill to teach. She also mentioned play and how letting students play is good. Often when students get older they don’t get to play that much anymore in school. Leadership is also important. I like how you she mentioned Goleman’s six leadership styles.

Tyler feels the same as I do way when new change occurs. I try to embrace it and learn it. She mentioned putting a science fair together. I told her a few years ago my team and I would do the science fair together. One would help with the research, one with writing, one with experimenting, another helping kids put it together. It was awesome and the kids also liked it because all of their teachers were helping them.

I did not make Twitter this week but looked at Tweetdeck to see what it is about. Most of the questions were about change. One question that popped out was how did Fullan’s text influence you? I would say that it influenced me a lot because I also included this in my adaptation paper. I would also recommend it to other teachers.

It has been a crazy week. We are down to our last class. I can’t believe it is already here. Time flies by. It has been fun, but I am ready for a break!


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