Week 13 636 Reflection

Week 13 636 Reflection

This week we had to put together a rough draft of our research paper. I know I still have work to do on it by looking at the rubric. I am still figuring out the how to do the header, and I need to create some graphs showing my results and add the screen shots. Most of it is written, though. We also had to read two of our fellow students’ draft papers this week for our blog.

I looked at two of my classmates’ and thought both of them did a great job. One of the papers that I looked at was particularly strong. The only thing I thought the writer could improve on was the charts; they were a little confusing to me. The other paper I looked also needs work on the graphs. The writer outlines the results but the results aren’t graphed. They both were interesting projects. I know what I need to work on is, like these other two, making charts or graphs. I also need to look at the rubric again to see where my report needs work.

I did not make Twitter this week but looked at what people talked about. Most posts concerned the research paper. I noticed there is a 10 page max, but that does not include appendices or bibliography. I need to make sure I stay under this page limit. There is also a exemplary presentation at http://teacherk8.weebly.com/technology-in-the-classroom/research-project-presentation that I watched. I see I still have a lot of work ahead for me.

Next week is our last week of class. We are going to be using screen-o-matic to record our project to present it. I have checked to see if I can get screen-o-metic to work, and it did. I will have to look at the rubric to see what our instructor wants for that. I believe that is our last assignment. I still have work to do in this class and my other class and then I will be ready for a break. I have been working hard this semester and the long break is going to be nice.

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