Draft of Research Paper

Research Report 636 draft



2 thoughts on “Draft of Research Paper

  1. Kahoot sounds like an excellent tool to get students attention and stay engaged. In your lit review I didn’t see that you stated your research question. I read it, I think once in your report. I’d like to see you bring up your research question more than once, just to reiterate what it is and that you’re research is answering your question.
    I really like that you explained how Kahoot allows you to see who is on task and participating. That’s an excellent tool for seeing who is understanding the learning goal.
    There were several times you mentioned surveys, but I didn’t see any references to the figures or appendixes. I saw one reference, but no visual representation in the end.
    I thought the survey was another excellent way to collect data. The results from your students are great! I’m glad it all worked out and that you will continue using it in the future!

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    1. Thanks for the suggestions! I did not fully finished it. My Mom was in town all week so I was with her all week. I know still need work. I will look at your suggestions as well. Thanks!


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