Week 12 Reflection 636

Week 12 Reflection 636

This week we wrote about the characteristics of an engaging action research report. I think the characteristics that make an action research report engaging have to do mostly with the organization of the paper and the chosen components. I can see how a research report could be pretty dry reading. The way to make it come alive is to paint a living picture of the situation that brought about the need for the research in the first place and then take the reader through the research steps. I think by doing this you will keep your readers engaged as they are going through the steps of your research paper.

In responding to others’ blogs, Tristan made a good point that action research relates to real world problems. We are drawn to that that we would like to see make a difference in our own classrooms. Sara talked about how the introduction is important. I agree, because if you don’t hook the reader in the beginning, they will likely not want to read anymore. Sarah suggested humor, using first person when writing, and creating a straight forward title. Genevieve talked about how she likes the quotes that some reports used. I agreed—I also liked the quotes used in the papers. She also talked about incorporating charts, pictures, or diagrams. I said, “I think I was going to make some charts for some of my results because I think a chart is more visually appealing than just writing about it.” Everyone had great ideas that I will think about as I start my paper.

We didn’t have Twitter this week so I am just thinking about my paper and how to get all my components together. I will start to make charts for some of my research and try to make an outline for my paper so I can begin to see it coming together. Once I get that part I just need to put in the information in the right spots and start writing.

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