Week 12 Reflection

Week 12 Reflection 668

This week we wrote about how understanding of controlled disruption and coherence making can impact your leadership of peers at this time, and at this level. We have gone through and read each chapter in Fullan’s book, Leading In A Culture Of Change. I know the process and the steps at this time and level and know I can make a difference at my school. You have to go through the process to make change happen with minimal disruption, and coherence is the last step in the process. My understanding of controlled disruption can make a difference when change is happening at my school and I can help others through it.

In our Twitter session, all the questions were about the reading we had for the week. Many great questions made us (or at least me) go back to the readings, because some of these terms were new—like “productive disturbance.” How can productive disturbance benefit you or your school? How do you reconcile changes of opinion? I said that productive disturbance is when you are trying to make a change. It can benefit your school for the better; by talking through the change, you can reconcile differences of opinion. There were great questions this session that really made me think. It was great!

In responding to others’ blogs, Ali quoted Fullan (1993), “We should not think of vision as something only for leaders. It rises by pushing ourselves what is important to us as educators.” I think this is a good quote because this is what we all are doing now. We are pushing ourselves toward what is important and what we believe will help our students. Cindy said that change is needed, but there is often resistance. That is true! What is good for one generation is not good enough for the next. We need to change with the times, and technology is bringing on change faster.

In this environment, it helps when you already have strong relationships with your coworkers. Sunshine said that if disruption is controlled then fewer people will be likely to pull away and more will buy into the process of change. Sam had a great analogy, “Sometimes life just happens and we have to learn to deal with that.” By understanding how to deal with change, we can help others through the process of change. It was a good week, with a good deal of compelling reading.

Now I need to start thinking about my paper and also my philosophy of adaptation. I need to look at my rubric and see what that is and start planning to write that out. One step at a time, and I will get finished. I need to organize my notes and plan my outline before I start beginning to write my report. I want to make sure that I don’t leave anything out. I see a lot of hard work ahead, but if I outline it and complete it one step at a time, it will be easier, and I can get it done.


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