Week 11 Reflection 668

Week 11 Reflection 668

For this week’s blog, we wrote about, “What is the role of knowledge creation and sharing in a healthy educational organization?”I said that all stakeholders in a healthy organization should have a large part in knowledge creation and sharing. I think an organization that shares together, grows together. When people share, they are trusting the other people in the organization. This builds trust among the workers and unifies the community of workers.

In responding to others’blogs, Cindy made a point that everyone should be involved and made to feel that their knowledge is respected and valued. I said I think, if they see that, they will more likely share more often. No one wants to share if no one respects or values their knowledge. Sunshine made a point that we often get training but, without sharing of knowledge, we lose that connection and at times the information. I said, “I think if we shared together what we learned then we will more likely to use it.” Sam made a point about working in teams. I said I love working with a team. It is so easy to talk about students and what we see in our classes and then see if it is a pattern in all classes. We then can try to help that student or talk to the parents about what we are seeing. Sally said that our students must learn how to access knowledge and learn how to share what they are learning and allow it to take on a “social life” among them. By doing this the students will find a purpose for the information, grow in sharing, and develop deeper relationships with their peers. This is so true and very important I think.

In our Twitter session, much of the questions were about our school and if we see it as a knowledge sharing and knowledge creation school. I think that my school is knowledge sharing. We often get together for trainings or someone will share something that they learned from a training.  One question that stuck was “do you think the culture of the school affects knowledge sharing?” I really think this one stood out because if you are in a school that does not share, work, and communicate together then you are already lost. Without this, your school will not be helping the students. We want the students to work together and we need to set an example for them. They need to see their teachers sharing, talking, and working together. After all, we want to set good examples for our students and have them be ready for the future and be able to share and work with others.

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