Week 11 Reflection 636

Week 11 Reflection 636

For this week’s blog, we wrote about, “How will you format and disseminate your research?”I said I will write my paper up as a standard dissertation. It will be in six sections: the introduction, background literature review, methodology, presentation of findings, discussion, and conclusion. Once the paper is finished, I will have to find a good way to distribute it to others who might benefit from the research. I think the teachers in my building would benefit from it, so I plan to share what I learn with them.

In responding to others’ blogs, Tristan is going to present her research at a conference. I said I think many will find that interesting because I see more teachers moving toward a flipped classroom.  Sara had some good suggestions from Öhman and Löfgren, including

–   Write the report in a way that is easy to understand and clearly contextualized

–   Keep it short

–   Be clear in presenting methods

–   Avoid too many detailed descriptions of the results

–   Relate your findings to existing knowledge and theory

Provide a discussion of the applicability for theory development and practice of the research field.

I thought these were good to know. The “keep it short” suggestion was interesting since I think it is going to be hard to keep this report short. Sarah wrote this: According to Merriam & Tisdell (2016), “There is no single correct way to write up any research study.” This is good to know as I write this up the research as best I can and hope I do a good job on it. Peter has a good three-section format that he is going to use: The first section, as he quoted from Marshall (2014), “introduces the topic or problem and purpose of the study, the general research questions, and design of the study.”The second section, which he got from Merriam (2016), will include “a description of the context of the study.” The final section will include his findings. I thought it looked like it is going to flow well.

We did not have Twitter this week for this class. I am now trying to figure out my notes and observations. I will then see what I have, look at the rubric, and start writing. I think this part will be the hardest, but if I start now, then I can go over, redo, and make sure I have all of the parts that I need.

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