Week 11 636

Essential Question: How will you format and disseminate your research?

“Format” describes how you are going to organize your paper and “disseminate,” according to dictionary.com, means “promulgate extensively,” which means to publish or make known. Before writing up study results, it is important to determine your audience, select a focus, and make an outline (Merriam & Tisdell, 2009).

For my report, I think my audience will be educators. Kahoot is a great tool to use in class, and I want to share my results with other teachers who can use this with their students. The next step is to select a focus. According to Merriam and Tisdell (2009), “The focus states a purpose and then fulfills the promise. Coming up with a focus mean deciding what you want to tell your readers. You should be able to state it in a sentence or two.”The focus is closely related to the research question. When I report my findings, they will focus on whether or not Kahoot increases student engagement and participation.

The next step is outlining your report.  “All reports need an introduction defining the problem that was studied and, depending on the audience, information about the methodology. The main body contains the findings in the form of topics that have been listed and organized in some way. A conclusion summarizes the study and it findings” (Merriam & Tisdell, 2009). Making an outline will help me break the report down in parts that make sense. If I type the outline into my paper and begin to fill it in, I will be sure to stay on track and get different parts of the report into the right places. It will also help me see if I have included everything.

Merriam and Tisdell (2009) state that “Writing the research can be made easier by breaking the task into smaller steps”:

Assemble all the materials related to the study in an organized fashion.

Determine the intended audience.

Select a focus that meets the interest of the intended audience and addresses the original purpose of the study.

Outline the report once the central message has been determined

Begin writing.

The methodology section, according to Merriam and Tisdell (2009), is the place to reference previous research and literature, and they also suggest visuals should be included in this section, depending on the targeted audience. This section should also explain how the study was done, how data were collected and analyzed, and the measures that were taken to ensure validity and reliability.

I think I will write my paper up as a standard dissertation. It will be in six sections: the introduction, background literature review, methodology, presentation of findings, discussion, and conclusion.

Once the paper is finished, I will have to find a good way to distribute it to others who might benefit from the research. But I will need to be thinking about this as I am writing the paper. Determining the audience for the report and preparing a dissemination plan are closely related. In “Beyond Scientific Publication: Strategies for Disseminating Research Findings,” it is suggested that, in creating a dissemination plan, researchers should consider several key questions:

• Goal: What are the goals and objectives of the dissemination effort? What impact do you hope to have?

• Audience: Who is affected most by this research? Who would be interested in learning about the study findings? Is this of interest to a broader community?

• Medium: What is the most effective way to reach each audience? What resources does each group typically access?

Execution: When should each aspect of the dissemination plan occur (e.g. at which points during the study and afterwards)? Who will be responsible for dissemination activities?

I think these will be good questions to ask myself as I get started on the writing.

I am ready to start putting my findings together. I have emailed my mentee and she has answered questions for me. Now I need to look at the rubric and see what all needs to be included to make sure that I cover it all. I think if I follow the above suggestions I can get through this. I know this will be the hardest part, but if I plan it out and follow an outline, I know I will be fine.


Beyond Scientific Publication: Strategies for Disseminating Research Findings. (2001). Retrieved November 13, 2015, from https://depts.washington.edu/ccph/pdf_files/CARE_Dissemination_Strategies_FINAL_eversion.pdf

Dictionary.com. (2015). “Disseminate.” Dictionary.com Unabridged. Retrieved November 11, 2015, from Dictionary.com website: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/disseminate

Merriam, S., & Tisdell, E. (2009). Qualitative research: A guide to design and implementation. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.


4 thoughts on “Week 11 636

  1. Your thought of typing an outline and filling it in is a good one. I did sort of the same thing with the proposal (I asked myself three questions and wrote the answers out) and it made it much easier because when I first thought about it, it was daunting. I kind of forgot that I did that and thinking about writing up my results and everything again is daunting, but with that type of method and “filling in the blanks” (how I look at it in my mind) I think it will be much easier to tackle.

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  2. I’m also planning on sharing this with educators, but I haven’t really looked into how to do that yet. I like the questions you shared about creating a dissemination plan, and I think those will be helpful as I start thinking about how to disseminate beyond this class.

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  3. Thanks to your blog, I will keep in mind the goal, audience and medium for my dissemination. I plan on sharing the findings with my students, so this will greatly affect how I write and disseminate my study.

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