Week 10 Reflection 668

Week 10 Reflection 668

This week we were asked to write about why we think the following statement is true or false: “Get the right people on your team and get the wrong ones off.” I responded that I felt this statement was false. I believe that everyone can improve, so, if there is someone on your team who needs to improve, then help them, don’t kick them off. I think people should forge relationships, build on them, and respect others. You may not have a great team at first but I guarantee that, if you stick it out and build on each others’ strengths and differences and learn from each other, then you eventually will become a great team. This is what I wrote in my blog for the week and what I believe.

In responding to others’ blogs, Ali took from Jones (2013 that “relationships you build with colleagues aren’t just good for your mental well being; they’re also the foundation of collaboration that can result in increased student achievement.” I thought this was an excellent statement and so very true. Sunshine made a good point: “When the place you work at is no longer a positive environment it lowers [morale] and creates [discord] among the workers.” I told her that I agree with this statement because I have seen it first hand with a team that I was with a few years ago. Cindy made a good point when she said “A team full of like-minded people may mean that things run smoothly at first, but opportunities for growth and overall success could be jeopardized.”I agree because I think a team needs a variety of skills and there should be some resistance in the team, as that is when you break through with new ideas. Tyler wrote about someone who didn’t get along with others and eventually was removed. I said I wondered if someone had talked to him about this at first and let him know what he was doing. Maybe he didn’t know how others saw him. I think if the principal had a talk with him maybe he could have changed or gotten help to be a better specialist. I think people deserve a change to change before they are booted. If still then after the talk the person still hasn’t changed then I can see different employment somewhere else.

For our Twitter session Mia and I were the hosts and we had questions that dealt with our reading. I asked the first five questions and then Mia took over. The questions that I asked were about relationships and the power that they can have. I also asked about effective leaders—if how they care for you makes a  difference with people and how good leadership can help teachers and students feel connected to their school. Mia talked about professional development and if she should be doing more of these for their staff and also about our mentoring projects and how that is going. It was a great season and fun night of tweeting.

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