Week 10 Reflection 636

Week 10 Reflection 636

This week we blogged about what primary concerns exist in ethics, validity and reliability in AR? We were asked to write about how we you are managing, or plan to manage, these concerns within our studies? I said the best known strategy for ensuring internal validity of a study is triangulation. This is when you use multiple sources of data to confirm findings. Triangulation “is a powerful strategy for increasing the credibility or internal validity of your research.”I think this is the best and easiest way to validate your research. By using a variety of resources, you can confirm that what and how you are researching is accurate and relevant and that your findings are valid. By following Merriam and Misdeal’s suggestion, I will manage my concerns within my study.

In responding to others’blogs, Tristan suggested great ways to show the trustworthiness of your data by using an audit trial, triangulation, and rich, thick description. I think this is very important to know. Sarah pointed out four possible sources of errors in research from Brink (1993):

1The researcher- how the study is designed

2The participants- the truth of responses

3The situation- which data are collected

4The data collection methods or analysis

I thought these were good to point, and I will think about them when I am doing my research. Sara had a quote from Brown (2005):  “the important feature of triangulation is not the simple combination of different kinds of data, but the attempt to relate them so as to counteract the threats to validity identified in each.”  I thought this was good information to know.

In our Twitter session, the questions related to our research study. We talked about how do we know when we have enough data. I said when we are getting about the same results then we have enough data. One important point I took from Twitter is to portray my participants in a positive way and don’t skew the research. Make sure you are confidential with your participants. This is all good to know for when I start writing up my paper. I will remember these points.

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