Week 9 Reflection 668

Week 9 Reflection 668

This week we wrote about, “Why are elements of all leadership styles important to manage change?” In order to have change once must have an effective leader who will meet the needs of all your employees. I think a leader needs to have a variety of skills and be able to communicate with a diverse population.

In reading others’blogs, Cheri posted a quiz from skillsyouneed.com that I thought was very interesting. I took it and had 4 well developed styles and 2 that need some further development. The two that needed further development were coercive, which demands immediate obedience, which I do not believe in, and the other was pacesetter, which is about the same–“Do as I do. Now.” which I find demanding, and I am not like that. I think it would be interesting to show others who know me these results. I don’t think anyone who grew up in my culture would value these styles. Sally said, “Leaders wear many hats and have to know when to wear what hat, especially when decisions need to be made.” I love how she compares the professional leadership styles to teaching styles. It made me see the difference sorts of leadership and how their traits describe different types of teachers. The things we admire in strong professional leaders I think students also admire in teachers. Cindy shared a chart from http://www.comindwork.com/weekly/2015-07-13/productivity/the-six-leadership-styles-goleman that showed all of the leadership styles. It was so easy to read and great to see all the parts. She also wrote a great sentence: “The most effective leaders are those that can assess a situation and identify and use the most effective style of leadership for that particular circumstance.” That is so true! We need leaders, and need to be leaders, who can do this to be successful.

In our Twitter session, we talked about how it is going with our mentees and our projects. I think it is going great with my mentee. She has it down now. This last week I met with her and she started a new Kahoot for her 8th graders. We got about 5 words down, and I said I would check in with her later, since class was going to start. At the end of the day, I checked with her, and she had almost 20 words. I was like, “Wow! That is awesome! You are getting it down!”I am so happy that she is getting the flow of things. Everything is going great! I think I am ready to start going through my notes and writing up my project. I need to double check my rubric and make sure I have everything, but I am pretty sure everything is falling in place. I feel great about my mentee and how well things are going.


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