Week 9 Reflection 636

Week 9 reflection 636

The blog question for this week was “How do you makes sense of your data?” What I am going to do is start going through and organizing the data I’ve gathered to arrive at my findings. I think if I follow my suggestions from my week 9 blog when organizing my data, I will be able to pull out themes and make sense of what the data is telling me. I would then look back at my research questions and see if my data answers those questions.

In responding to others’blogs, Tristan made a good point about how it is important to remember Miller’s words that the accumulation of data is not as important as the growth of understanding about a specific phenomenon, which can be done through the sensemaking of data. Sara pointed out the need to make sense of your data first, which I am in the process of doing. Genevieve made an excellent point about cross-referencing your data with your question. Peter suggested making an inventory of all of your data. These are all excellent points that I will try to remember as I am going through my data.

Our Twitter session was about data and how we are going to go about making sense of it. One key point that I got from the Twitter session is to make sure that I am reflecting as I am collecting data. Once it comes down to writing, it will make it much easier if I have done a good job of capturing my observations and reflections in my own notes. Another important point made was that if I cannot answer my research question directly to indicate what I should have asked instead. Do not try to get more data, but make use of what I’ve collected, and two weeks of data collection should provide plenty. I took many good points away from the Twitter session that will help me once I start looking at and organizing my data and that I look forward to applying as I start to write up the research.


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