Update 668 Mentoring project

Update Mentoring project 668

This last week my mentee and I made another Kahoot quiz. She wanted to make one for her 8th grade class. I was just there for moral support and watch as she went through the steps. So by the end of class we had about 5 questions done. I said I can come back later to help her finished. When I checked back in on her she had 20 questions and was done. I said, “Awesome!, Let me know if you need help with anything”. She said that she has it down now.

I think my mentee now has the steps to manage Kahoot by herself. We have gone through a class and played it with the students so she can see how it is done. The next time she made another Kahoot quiz for her 8th grade class. I mostly watched so I can see if she has the steps down. She did great and I think she can conduct it on her own and teach others about it. I don’t think their is much more data that I can get that is different so I will start to organize my data and start writing out my paper. It was fun and I am glad that she has it down and is using it inter class.


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