Update 636 Project

Update 636 Project

I think I have enough data to start organizing my information. I have printed off the data sheets from Kahoot and tried to organize them. It was confusing because there is so many sheets because it is on a spreadsheet. I think I may just look at it on the computer.

I also conducted a survey with the students. I surveyed two classes. One class was a gifted class with mostly gifted students and the other class was a class with many boys that have ADHD. I think I have about 4 or 5 boys in that class that have ADHD. I found the two surveys very interesting. I just asked 5 questions to both classes. The questions were:

Are you a boy?

Are you a girl?

Do you like Kahoot?

Would you recommend it to other teachers?

Do you think it increases participation?

Do you think it increases your learning?

The gifted class had 24 students 14 boys and 10 girls. 67% liked Kahoot and 33% did not like it. 63% would recommend it to other teachers and 37% would not. 88% said it increases participation and 12 % said it doesn’t.  67% said yes it does increase their learning while 33% said it does not.

The other class had 10 boys and 8 girls. 83% said they like Kahoot and 17% said they didn’t like it. 95% said they would recommend it to other teachers while 5% said they would not. 89% said it increases participation while 11% said it does not.

I thought it was interesting to see two different classes of students and their results. Overall for both classes they like Kahoot, would recommend it to other teachers, says it increases participation, and also increases their learning.


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