Week 8 Reflection 668

Week 8 Reflection 668

This week we wrote about our moral purpose and some of the strategies we use to advance it. “Moral purpose,” to me, describes my core belief about what I am doing and why I am doing it. My main belief is that all children can learn. My moral purpose is to see all children succeed in life and do what I can to help them get there. This vision guides my work in the classroom. The strategies that I use that relate to my moral purpose are to work hard, strive for excellence, treat students with respect, keep my sense of humor, and embrace change in myself and students.

In responding to others’blogs, Sunshine made a point that one thing she finds is important is teaching students how to locate resources and how to use them. I agree. Not only will they use these skills in school but throughout their lives. Genevieve made a point about greeting students every day when they get to school. I thought that was very good. Students should feel welcomed and see that we are glad they are there and excited about the work we are going to do together.  Ali had a good quote by Fullan: “To achieve moral purpose is to forge interaction—and even mutual purpose—across groups.  I noted my belief that that this is important with  anyone you work with. I treat my colleagues and students as I would want to be treated by them. I also found that she is doing Kahoot as well with her mentee. I told her it would be interesting to read her blog as she is going through it and suggested we compare notes. Mia took Saber’s (2012) three questions in determining core values that can then be used to foster company culture and highlighted what is important to her. I thought those were good questions to think about and answer.

For the Twitter session, I did not make it because of student-led conferences. I did look back at the tweet deck to see what some of the questions were and they appear to be mostly about our moral purpose and where we think that comes from. I would say that mine comes from values I learned from my family as I grew up. I also think my Uncle had a huge impact on the teacher I am today; he mentored me when I was doing my student teaching, and many of my beliefs I learned from him.

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