Week 8 Reflection 636

Week 8 Reflection 636

This week we wrote about how data mining can help in triangulating your research findings. By using a variety of sources you increase the chances of finding something that is useful to your study. I think the more data that you can pull together and the different types you can find, the more confident you will be that the data you have collected is correct and relevant.

In responding to others’blogs, Tristan made a point about doing surveys or questionnaires. I told her that I think I may do that as well, since so far I have just been observing and getting results from Kahoot. A survey or questionnaire would give me the kids’ feelings about Kahoot. Genevieve talked about artifacts and visuals. I told her that I was not sure about using those for Kahoot, thinking a survey or questionnaire will work best. She also talked how it is hard to observe and teach at the same time. I told her that I agree and that I was having the same trouble, so I asked a coworker to come in and observe for me. I think that will make it easier on me, and she will take better observation notes. Peter had a good quote from Merriam, “Since the investigator is the primary instrument for gathering data, he or she relies on skills and intuition for gathering data.” I told him that I agree that it depends on the person who is doing the research. Sara talked about data research online. I told her when I was doing my data research that I didn’t find much on Kahoot. I will have to use the sources that I did find. Everyone seems to be going well with their projects. That is good because I look forward to hearing more about them.

Our Twitter session was cancelled, so I don’t have anything to write about that. It was good for me, though, because it gave me a chance to work on some reading and start my writing assignments. We had a lot to write about this past week so that bit of extra time helped me.


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