Week 8 668 Blog

Essential Question: What strategies do you use that are related to your “moral purpose”? How do these contribute to your overall leadership?

“Moral purpose” to me describes my core belief about what I am doing and why I am doing it. My main belief is that all children can learn. My moral purpose is to see all children succeed in life and do what I can to help them get there. Keep (2015) writes, “The best definition on moral purpose that I did find came from Springhead School in Northern England that reads,  ‘Our moral purpose is an agreed set of principles that creates and leads our vision for the school.’ I think your moral purpose contribute to what kind of leader you are in your school.”

“A moral purpose is a value that, when articulated, appeals to the innate sense held by some individuals of what is right and what is worthwhile,” statesMourkogiannis (2005). He also notes that “Moral purpose is especially powerful when it prompts leaders to take radical steps that others would not take, and thus change the basis of competition in their industries.”

The strategies that I use that relate to my moral purpose are to work hard, strive for excellence, treat students with respect, keep my sense of humor, and embrace change in myself and students.  “Moral purpose will flourish if leaders cultivate it,”writes Fuller (2014).  I believe my moral purpose will flourish because it is part of who I am. When I first get to know my students, I tell them about myself, how long I’ve been a teacher at Wendler, where I am from and where I grew up in Alaska, and why I am here. I want students to get to know me and then I will get to know them. I feel if I am open with the students then they will more likely be open with me.

I also strive for hard work and excellence in my classroom, and I try to model these values for the students. I believe that every child will work hard for you if you get across to the child that you believe they can do it. Sometimes, I have students who feel some assignments are too hard. I always tell them nothing is too hard to achieve; all it takes is some hard work. I do have some students who respond to this by trying harder.

I also use humor, give everyone many chances, and encourage change in myself and students I think especially with my group level you have to have some humor. You have to show the kids that you can relate to them and get them to laugh at times. Encouraging change is a big one. I often see students change during the time they are in my class. Sometimes, at the end, they are a different student. I want to help them to become a better student. Some students need a little more support than others to change. I also give students a chance to redo an assignment for a better grade. I believe that sometimes you don’t always do your best work, and, if you want to try to do better, then why not give a student that chance?

These are some of the strategies that I use in my classroom. I also use the RAMS logo. Students learn that in the beginning of the year and it is easy for them to remember since our school mascot is a ram. R- Respect others and yourself, A- Appreciate diversity, M- Manage emotions, S- Strive for success. These all relate to my moral purpose and why I do what I do.


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9 thoughts on “Week 8 668 Blog

  1. I like how you described your moral purpose and the strategies you use to support it. Working hard is expected of our students, and I like that you have it in your moral purpose. I love that RAMS Logo. It’s encouraging, meaningful, and I’ll definitely look into posting it in my classroom.

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  2. I like your moral purpose. It is so encompassing. Its great that you included humor. Successfully leaders defiantly have a sense of humor. I also like the RAMS logo- I haven’t heard that before. I use respectful, responsible, and safe which is along those same lines but the RAMS says do a better job.

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  3. I love your comment on humor. When I started teaching, people were constantly telling me to be careful with my joking around and having fun with students. Personally, I’ve found that it has really helped me to build relationships that go beyond the “all-knowing teacher” and “only learning student” stereotypes that schools sometimes end up with. I like that we can have fun with things and I can get students interested with humor. Great blog!

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  4. You wrote: “Sometimes, I have students who feel some assignments are too hard. I always tell them nothing is too hard to achieve; all it takes is some hard work.”

    I like how you encourage your students to work hard even if they think it is too hard. I also like your RAMS motto, especially the M- manage emotions. It’s my first year teaching 5th grade and I am constantly surprised on how emotional my students are, mostly dramatic. The rolling of eyes and flirting has kept me busy. If I teach 5th grade next year, I may have to borrow the RAMS motto.

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