Update on Project 636

Update on Progress of Kahoot Project

My project is using Kahoot to see if it increases class participation and performance. I started the Kahoot study on October 6, 2015, and have now used it in all of my classes—two on 10/6/15 and two on 10/7/15. They also participated in the study the following week, on 10/13 and 10/14. With Kahoot, I can save my results to my Google Drive. I have also taken notes of my observations of students’ interactions with Kahoot.

What I have observed so far it they are so excited for it. I have kids that yell out “Yea!” or put their hands in the air when they get an answer right. Students are clapping their hands and moving in their seats. They are also saying “Yes, I got that right!” or “Oh no! I got it wrong!” I also hear “I am first!” or “I am behind so and so.” Kahoot lets you see which place you are in and also displays it at the front of the room. I have taken results for different classes, and I am seeing the same reaction in all classes.

Some of the concerns I have is I feel I am trying to collect too much information. I wanted to use it with all my classes and see the difference in my students. I do see the difference between the classes with my different students. I am wondering if I should just concentrate on two classes, so I can focus on documenting students’ reactions more than comparing two groups. I would like to create a checklist to count how many times students put their hands in the air or how many jump up. I am thinking this may be easier. I also had someone come in and observe while we were doing Kahoot so she may get more results than I could alone.

Another concern is students can create a Kahoot nickname. I then don’t know who is who. I have asked them to use their real names but I am wondering if I should let them use their nicknames? Maybe they are shy and don’t want their names up on the board? I was thinking I can do this with one class at least and get their nicknames down on a list so I know who is who. Or I can just stick with one class and tell them this is for research and have them use their real names. I didn’t let the kids know that Kahoot is part of a research project. That may make a difference.

Overall, so far, I feel like everything is going well. I have seen an increase in participation just by observing and also seeing everyone’s screen. On my computer, I have access to what every student is looking at, and I saw that every computer screen was on Kahoot. The students have really enjoyed it and I plan to continue to use this throughout the year, since kids are so excited about it and asking to play again once we are done and when they come to class the next day. I tell them we will play again but not today. They are like “Ohhh!” So I feel everything is going pretty well so far.


2 thoughts on “Update on Project 636

  1. When I use it with my students they like to create their own names as well. That is part of the fun for them. I don’t think they care that others know who they are. One way that I have found helpful is to have them put their initials at the end of their nickname. This helps a lot to ID students. Especially if you go back and look at the data later.

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