Mentoring Project update 668

668 Mentoring Update

My mentoring project is working with a colleague of mine to show her how to use Kahoot. She is a lady who has not used technology much in her classroom, so I thought she would be a good candidate to have as my mentee. I was overjoyed when she accepted and was willing to work with me. We have met a few times and have set up a timeline. Things are going well.

When I first started Kahoot with my classes, I invited my mentee into my classroom so she could observe the students getting onto the program, see what Kahoot is, and witness the reactions of students working with it. She was thrilled to see Kahoot in action and excited to start it with her own class. In our first meeting, I showed her my Kahoot account and the quiz that I created. I showed her how to add questions, change the time, save your results, and where the public Kahoots are located. I suggested that she look at the example and how to create an account. I gave her time to think about the questions that she would like to use for her math vocabulary problems. The next week, she was running late, so we didn’t meet.

The next time we met, we set up her account and started off with five math vocabulary words that she wanted students to know. I had her put in the questions and the answers. After we finished the five vocabulary words, I played it with her so she could take a look at what she created. She was very enthusiastic. She had a small group of students with her and asked the students to help me with the math vocabulary. After that, they were like, “Can we play?” She told them they would as soon as she got it done. By the time class was almost over, she had the questions and was ready for a trial run with her students. I told her that the next week we could add more questions to it and eventually get the kids to make one.

I don’t have any major concerns at this point. I have been slightly concerned when we have not been able to meet at the time we selected. We have ended changing the time, which is ok. One success that I would like to celebrate and share is how excited she was when she started using Kahoot. She is thrilled to do this with her students. I am going to try to go to her class and observe when the kids are playing. I have to check my schedule and check hers and see when is a good time that I can come into her class when I am not teaching. I think everything is going great and I am really happy that she is so psyched about it!


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