Week 7 Reflection 668

Week 7 Reflection 668

This week we wrote about why all five of Fullan’s (2014) components are necessary for success in leading through change.:

1. Moral purpose: Acting to make a positive difference in the lives of employees, customers, and society as a whole.

2. Understanding change: It is essential that leaders understand the change process.

3. Relationship building: Leaders must build relationships with diverse people and groups, especially with people different than themselves.

4. Knowledge creation and sharing: Collectivizing knowledge is a social process and that is why you need good relationships.

5. Coherence: Making overall sense, understandability, or consistency. (dictionary.com).

I feel all are necessary, since they are interwoven. For the process of change to occur, all of these components must be present.

In responding to others’blogs, Genevieve pointed out that, with a good leader, a team can tackle the most difficult problems. Cindy felt the same way I did about the five components and that the success of each relies on the others being present. Sunshine made an interesting statement from London about how change is like a river. I can see that, because a river is always moving, with the new replacing the old. It is true that change happens spontaneously in education, too, but the most constructive changes are accomplished through conscious and cooperative effort. As Sally pointed out, relationship building, in particular, can make the difference in making or losing progress. I think this is so true. Without strong relationships, it is impossible to create or control change.

In our Twitter session, we talked about the kinds of change we see happening in our schools—for example, the new SGO’s (Student Growth Objectives). In every subject area, students will be tested at the beginning of the year and toward the end of the year. Student improvement will be factored into our evaluations, so many people are nervous about this change. This year we are doing a trial run; next year it will count. Changes like this may be hard for us to accept, but, no matter what, we should try to embrace innovation, because sometimes it may be for the better of the students and staff.


Coherence. (2015). Dictionary.com Unabridged. Retrieved October 12, 2015, from Dictionary.com website: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/coherence

Fullan, M. (2014). Leading in a Culture of Change. Somerset, NJ, USA: John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated. Retrieved from http://www.ebrary.com

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