Week 6 Reflection 668

Week 6 Reflection 668

This week we blogged on “What are the challenges in shifting from ‘what’to ‘where’and ‘how’?” I have faced challenges in getting the students to evaluate information they locate. They have no problem finding information; they just don’t know if it is accurate. They often just want to Google, and they think the first site they see is correct. I find this a problem. What I have done is eliminate that problem when I am doing projects by giving students specific sites that are on my webpage and that I know are credible and accurate sites.

In responding to the others’blogs, Cindy made a good point that schools are resistant to change. I think it takes the efforts of both teachers and the district to make significant changes in a school. We need to make these changes to help prepare students for the future. Sunshine pointed out that many teachers are stuck in their old ways. I can see that. I often wonder what the future of teaching will be like with new teachers who are coming into the workforce. I had the same feeling as Tyler. I said I still think it is important for students to locate Iraq on a paper world map, even though they can find it with a computer. I want my students to be able to hear about it in the news and know exactly where that is in the world. Tyler pointed out that things like dictionaries are no longer being use—more and more, “there is an app for that.” I said, “I have noticed that and not even sure why I still have dictionaries in my room.”Sam made a good point about problem solving, and this is an important skill students need in their lives. She also shared about lower and higher cognitive questions, which I thought were good, since they are on two different levels of Bloom’s taxonomy.

This week in our Twitter session, we tweeted about our mentor project and about the reading we did this week. Some of the questions that stood out for me were about “Play”and if it defines who we are. I believe Play reflects a lot about your personality. Another question was about the culture of your classroom? I wrote about the RAMS logo—which stands for Respect Others, Appreciate diversity, Manage your emotions, and Strive for success—that we use in our school. At the end, we started talking about our mentor projects. I was excited to share, since I started working with my mentee.  I also invited my mentee into my classroom to observe the students getting on Kahoot for the first time and the process of it being played. She was very excited and was surprised to see how excited the students were. It has been a pretty good week, and I look forward to doing more with Kahoot and mentoring with her. Her excitement, and that of the students, has made me very enthusiastic about getting started.

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