Week 6 Reflection 636

Week 6 Reflection 636

For this week’s blog, we wrote about “What are the most important things to remember in conducting an interview?”We also created an infographic to go along with our blog. I thought the most important part in conducting an interview is to make the person feel comfortable. If they don’t feel comfortable then they will not want to answer any of your questions. I agree that you also must follow the six steps outlined in the article “Conducting An Interview”:

1. Setting the interview context
2. Planning the interview
3. Constructing questions
4. Starting and finishing the interview

5. Conducting the interview

6. Managing data collected during an interview

I think if you follow these steps, then your interview should go well. As long as you do this and make the person feel comfortable then you should be able to get the data you are seeking from your interview.

In responding to others’blogs, Sara made a good point to do the interview in a setting that is not distracting.  I also like that she pointed out the six kinds of questions to ask in an interview: behavior, opinion, feeling, knowledge, sensory, and background. These are good to know, as I often don’t really think of what type of questions I am asking. Genevieve suggested to ask yourself the questions first to see if they make sense and to do a pilot test. Sarah made an interesting point about being selective when choosing someone for an interview. Tristan pointed out the need to always think about the data in each step that you do. They all had good points that made me think more about interviews.

We did not have Twitter this week, so that we would have time to work on our blogs. I have gotten my proposal back and needed to add a few things to it. I think it is good now. I have started my data collection. I did my first Kahoot with all four classes. I have saved my results from Kahoot on Google Docs so I can print out and look at them later. I was so surprised by how excited and engaged the students were when we first started. By observing their reactions and behavior, I can tell they liked it. They asked to play again, so we did. They also asked the next day. I told them that we will do it next week. So just hearing back I can see that they are excited and engaged. I will see how it goes as I continue this and if their behavior changes as we move along. I am thrilled that they want to continue to play Kahoot. I hope to see changes in some of their scores, as well, as we continue, and see if they improve over time. It has started off well, and I am psyched to continue with this and analyze the impact on my students’ learning.


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