Week 5 668 Reflection

Week 5 Reflection 668

This week for our writing we discussed our thoughts about learning in the collective. If you would have asked me this a year ago, I might have had a different reply. I might have said that I didn’t have time to work collectively or that I preferred working on my own. Now I am excited about learning in the collective. I tweet and blog with others and enjoy it. I find that this has opened up learning in the collective for me. I now know that I can learn from others, and I plan to start learning more about other subjects that interest me by using these new ways of information exchanges.

In responding to others’ blogs this week, Matt made a comment about the student who was almost expelled because he started an online study group. I thought this was just crazy! Nowadays you have these types of groups all over, and people are learning and socializing in the collective. Cherie made an interesting point about her students and how young they were—but, they are still learning in the collective through her Makerspace. Sam made a good point about teachers learning in the collective and how that will improve their school and help the students. Tyler’s comment made me laugh! He talked about when he heard collective he thought about Voyager and Seven of Nine. I said, “So did I lol!”It is sometimes funny when you read other responses and they make you laugh, while reminding you there are people out there just as weird as yourself. In that case, I instantly felt good because I watch Voyager and own the set. 🙂

In our Twitter session, we discussed our mentor projects.  My mentor project is to show a coworker how to use Kahoot with her students. My timeline and plan is coming along just fine. We have set up a date to meet, so that will be good to touch base with each other. She said we can email each other as well. The other questions were about the reading and what we wrote in our blogs this week about learning in the collective. It was a good session that made me think about my project and the next steps that I need to take. I am looking forward to working with my mentee and her students and look forward to what her and the students’ thoughts will be about Kahoot. It is going to be an exciting project and another collective learning experience!

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