Week 5 636 Reflection

Week 5 Reflection 636

This week we wrote about our what our data collection process will look like and what challenges we anticipate. I plan to use the spread sheet that Kahoot has for data collection. I can see who was participating and then, every week, I can see who is improving. I also plan to observe as students are participating and see what their reactions are as they are using Kahoot. My idea at the end is to do a survey with the kids on what do they like about Khaoot or if they like Kahoot, would they suggest other teachers use it–why or why not?, etc.

In responding to others’ blogs, Cherie had a good suggestion of video taping. I think that is always a good way to get data, because you can go back and not miss any information. I think that would be something good to do at the beginning and the end and then you can really see the difference on how students have improved in terms of engaging with what you are doing. I may have to try that.  Sarah made a good suggestion of letting students be anonymous when they are answering the survey, so that they answer more truthfully. I told her that was a good idea and I plan to do that with the surveys as well. Peter made a good point about informing parents of what he is doing. He is not sure how parents will respond. I think parents would be supportive when they see what he is trying to do but that is my opinion. Tristan is doing a project on flipped classroom. I told her that I would love to do something like this, but I know that all my students don’t have computers. Maybe someday I can try this. Everyone has interesting projects and I look forward to hearing more about them.

For our Twitter session, our questions focused on our projects—like what data sources we are going to be using, etc. I plan to use what Kahoot provides and also surveys and observations. I want to see as well if I can see the difference in how boys vs. girls respond and differences among my classes. In recording our observations I planned on using freehand but Cherie had a good suggestion. She is going to make a spreadsheet to record her observation. I thought that was a good idea. For my conceptual framework, I was thinking using a formal hypothesis, but then Sara mentioned Community of Inquiry. I need to think about this to determine which one fits better or if there are better conceptual theories out there that would fit.

So it has been a busy week. I finished my mentor proposal and followed the outline that Lee provided. I hope I did it ok. I am hoping with our critical friends that they will help me in making improvement where I need. I am looking forward to this project and the knowledge that I will gain from it. I am enthusiastic to see how my students will respond and how they will take to using this type of tool for learning. I suspect they will like it, and, if they do, I plan to start using it in the next years to come. After all, I want my students to be engaged and excited about learning!

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