Mentor proposal 668

Mentoring Proposal 668


I have selected to work with Mrs. W because she is easy to talk to.  I also don’t think she has used much technology in her classroom, so I hope that this will open her eyes to some of the tools out there. I felt a rapport the first time we starting talking to each other and discovered that she was a teacher at Wendler when I first starting teaching. Of course, we didn’t really know each other. She is back at Wendler, and what I hope to accomplish with this mentorship is to help her gain a greater understanding of using Kahoot in her classroom.  I am hoping that using this program will help increase the students’ understanding of the math vocabulary that she would like them to know.

Timeline and Plan

We have talked a few times about what we would like to do together. She talked about how her students don’t understand the math vocabulary and she would like to see an increase in understanding of that. She works with SPED students, so I am thinking that, with a visual program, the students might take off. We have set a time where we can meet each week. We are planning to meet in the mornings before school starts, at about 7:30. I told her that we can meet once a week for the next few weeks. We found it hard to meet any other time because I am teaching or she is teaching. We will go with this plan. We have talked about emailing each other as well.

Data Collection

The data we are going to collect is to see if students are getting a better understanding of the math vocabulary using Kahoot. With Kahoot, we can print out a spread sheet of the class and see which student answered each question and if they got the question right or wrong. I also want to plan to go into her classroom to observe the students while they are doing this. We can look at the data she has collected with their quizzes for the math vocabulary as well and then compare those results with the ones we get when using Kahoot.

I am excited about showing this program to her. She has not used it before and just heard about it. I told her that I just found out about it, as well, but am finding it is real easy to use. I told her that we can learn from each other, and that what I hope to gain from this is her gaining a better understanding of this technology and what effect it can have on her students.


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