Week Four Reflection 668

Week Four Reflection 668

This week in class, we wrote about what play has to do with embracing change and how it impacts us as professionals. I believe using play in my classroom and life will help me be a better educator. Play should be an important factor in everyone’s day, because it can help an individual in school and life.

In reading others’ blogs, Sam made me think about how I handle options for play in my life. My husband has tried to get me to play a video game with him a few times. I find that I want to work on my assignments before anything. I am always putting my assignments first. This made me think that I may need to stop once in a while and “play”with my husband or take time for myself. Sally’s blog made me think about how I don’t really play many computer games. I did play Candy Crush and Words with Friends for a while, but found that I was too busy to continue, so I stopped. I think I should try to continue that sometime. Tyler talked about Minecraft, which I know I would love to use in my classroom, but I don’t think our computers can handle it because they are old. Maybe some day I will get the right equipment to try it. Sunshine’s blog contained an interesting quote: “The way we play games mirrors how we act in real life”(Edtechteacher, 2014). I do try to be an achiever, and I do play hard at games when I take time to play them. I try to do my best in all I do, and this was mirrored in the results from the gamer quiz, so that is something to think about.

I was the host for this week’s Twitter session. I posted questions about our readings to get us thinking about our mentor project. On my own project, I talked to a coworker to see if she would work with me. I told her that I would like to mentor her in using Kahoot in her classroom. She thought that would be a great idea and would like to use questions on math vocabulary. She works with Sped students and has found that many of them have a hard time understanding math terms. It is going to be interesting to see how it goes as we both learn and work together and what the results will be with the students. I am confident that we are going to make a difference with the students.


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