Week Four Reflection 636

Week Four Reflection 636

This week we researched the literature that will inform our action research projects. This was very time-consuming, but it was interesting to see what others said about Kahoot. I also had to search classroom response systems more generally, because I was not finding much on Kahoot, which started in 2012. Not much research has been done on it yet. What I did find was that student engagement did increase while using it. I am excited to try this out with my students and see what their reactions will be. I also can’t wait to see how it affects different groups of students like gifted, Sped, or students with ADHD or ADD and what their reactions will be. I am hoping for positive results.

In responding to people’s blogs, I can say I am interested in what the findings will be for everyone’s action research projects. Everyone that I read has a fascinating project planned, so I got psyched to get started on my own and read about others’ results. I found it captivating in Tristan’s blog that she wrote, as cited in Davis (2003), that 60% of students felt no desire to be close to their teacher. I thought that was a pretty high percentage. It makes me really think about how I am interacting with my students. Am I doing enough to make them trust me? To feel safe? To be able to talk? I think I am, but I know I can always improve on this. Sara is doing a research project on Twitter that I find very engaging. He reported that student Twitter users raise their GPA 0.5 points and also show other academic improvement. I would like to try Twitter in my classroom sometime, but it is blocked on our school site. Maybe sometime in the future. Sarah is doing a project with clickers that is similar to my project, so it will be fun to see results of both and compare. Genevieve is doing Classdojo, which sounds like a fun program. I am going to have to check it out more some time in the future. I think everyone is doing awesome projects, and I am anxious to see all of the results.

In our Twitter session this week, we tweeted questions about our literature reviews.  I thought this was very time consuming, but it was intriguing to read what other have said about it. I also found that I didn’t find as many articles as I thought I would. I did my best with the articles that I did find. The positive results reported in the articles made me even more excited to try this technology. I am ready to start making questions on Kahoot. I already checked to see if they would work on the computers that I have and it looks like we’re going to be okay. I am fired up to see what the students will think of it. I expect the project to be fun as well as informative.


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