Week Three Reflection 668

Week Three Reflections 668

         This week in class we wrote about how different your classroom is from the one in which you learned as a student. I wrote one major difference is in the use of technology. When I was a student, we didn’t have computers or the Internet. I think this really sums it up on how different my classroom is from when I was a child.

It was funny reading some of the blogs this week and hearing their stories about technology and remembering that as well. Sunshine wrote that she remember when we had to use card catalogs to look up books. I told her that I remember that as well. Tyler’s post got me thinking of a student that I have in my classroom and about his writing. Tyler told me about dictation. If you use word document that you can use dictation to have the computer write for you. I tried it but it didn’t work on my computer. I am going to have to look more into this because I think this would be great for my student who struggles to write legible. Cindy made a great statement about how we don’t use technology to raise test scores but to prepare students for their life outside of school. I agree with her on that because once they get in the work force they will be using technology in all sorts of ways. Sam wrote about his new technology that he has at his school. From new Macbook air computers, to a microphone that he can talk into so the kids can hear him, and a HD projector. I was like Wow! That is awesome! The computers that I have at my school are about 5yrs old. I did get a new dell projector last year that I am still learning how to use but the computers that kids use are old. He is very lucky to be at a school with up to date technology. It was fun to read everyone’s post this week and things that have changed with technology.

In our Twitter session an interesting fact that I learned is 87% of people have Internet according to the stats of June 2014. I was guessing about 90% so I was pretty close. These questions made us think back to when we were in school. Some of the questions were what are some activities that left an impression on you and most people posted hands on activities. We also looked at how teachers incorporated technology when we were in school and most of us really didn’t use technology in school. It was a fun twitter session because we were thinking about old times and before we had technology and some of the tools that we have used in the past that is no longer used. It was quite a fun night of Tweeting!

Now I have to start thinking about my mentoring project. I want to mentor a co-worker on using Kahoot with her students. She mostly works with SPED students. I think it would be interesting to she how she likes it and what the students think of it. I just need to make sure we can get this on the computers and ask her. Then I need to look at the steps I need to take. I think it will be fun working with her. She started working at my school this year so I just met her but she is very nice and easy to talk to. I think we will work together just fine. It is going to be rewarding for both of us together. I am sure she will learn some things from me but I think I will also learn from her. The students will also benefit by learning a new tool with technology that will help them in class. It is going to be interesting as we get starting and going through the process. I look forward to this mentoring assignment.

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