Week Three Reflection 636

Week Three Reflection 636

This week we wrote about how we will use action research to evaluate technology in our classroom. Using action research, I will look at the problem of students participating in class. With the program Kahoot, I will go though the steps of action research to see if I can tell a difference in the ways students participate. I then will use action research to evaluate the effectiveness of the technology being used in my classroom.

In responding to people’s blogs this week Tristan had a good point that I would like to quote, “Without including my students in the process and getting their verbal thoughts and opinions, I will only be getting the surface of what is happening, because I can only tell a fraction of the involvement and abilities they have through the scores which they get on the assignments.” I think she is so right about that. We need their input because we can’t read their thoughts and feeling. Genevieve summed up action research in a great sentence, She wrote the steps out, “Choosing a topic, creating a purpose statement, posing research questions, and introducing the problem statement, and to begin our classroom research study.” I thought her steps were very clear and I plan to look back at my book to find those steps once I get started. Sara is doing a very interesting action research using Twitter. I would love to do an action research on that topic but Twitter is blocked at our school. I look forward to reading everyone’s action research papers once they are done and seeing everyone’s results.

In our Twitter session our questions focused on our action research. The questions were so that we start to think about the action research process. Some of the question were how do you feel to involve your students in the research as co-participants? I thought that involving the students were an important part because I need their input on what they think about Kahoot and I can’t do the action research without them. One question that is still a little unclear to me is about the theoretical framework and what that would be. I still need to read more about this to become clear and what that would be for me. I think once I start my literature review then I can look at what others are doing and get an idea. One other questions that I am going to need work on how could you use tools such as Google Scholar, Diigo, Delicious or Pearltrees to help with your literature review? I have not used any before so I will have to learn as I get started.

These were all good questions to let me start to think about my action research. My proposal is due in week 5 so these questions will help me to start thinking about it and the steps and direction I need to take to get started. I look forward to it and interacting with my classmates as they get started on theirs as well. I think it is going to be interesting to read everyone’s findings.


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