Week Three 636 Blog

Essential Question: How will you use Action Research to evaluate technology in your classroom?

What is action research? To me, action research is when one looks at their practice and wants to change something in it. According to Wikipedia, people use “action research as either research initiated to solve an immediate problem or to improve the way they address issues and solve problems.”

Using action research, I will look at the problem of students participating in class. With the program Kahoot, I will go though the steps of action research to see if I can tell a difference in the ways students participate. The seven steps from the article “The What, Why and How of Classroom Action Research,” which I listed in my first blog, will help me through the process.

I then will use action research to evaluate the effectiveness of the technology being used in my classroom. As I am looking at the various levels of participation in Kahoot, I will evaluate students’ use of technology and see where it is holding students up or helping them. Merriam & Tisdell (2009) found that one of the keys of action research involves active participation. I think what I am doing will have invite active participation. They also mentioned that action research is not done on participants but with participants. This is a big difference between assessing students through things like standardized tests and evaluating students’ performance as they are actually working, using a formative assessment tool like Kahoot. Ultimately, if a teacher can monitor students’ use of technology with action research while students are doing a task, the teacher can make adjustments immediately.

I have used action research before in my classroom, but I did it with a group project. It was interesting to see the results that we got from our study. I look forward to this study and the results that it will bring. Even though action research involves a long process and takes some hard work to set up, I think it will help me become a more responsive teacher in the classroom, which will benefit students.


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6 thoughts on “Week Three 636 Blog

  1. I like the idea of action research because it is done with the participants. We aren’t just observing them or researching a topic that relates to them, but we are inviting them into the process. I think we will be able to learn a lot more not only about our research project but also about our students which is very important as we continue the year with them. I agree, it’s a lot of hard work, but I think that while gathering our data, I could have a lot of fun, because it’s not just numbers but communication as well, it’s actually doing something with the students, not just analyzing scores (boring! ;)).

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  2. I liked the idea that “action research is not done on participants but with participants”. So often, it seems that we do things to the students. Wouldn’t it be nice if we did things with our students instead.

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  3. I am excited for you, and look forward to hearing how your action research goes. I love Kahoot, I was just introduced to it this year. It is such a fun way to check their understanding. We just did it as a silly quiz for our staff and had a blast. I could really see the benefit of knowing who knows what and what misunderstandings there are to immediately teach following. Do you show the students their scores? There was another staff member who uses this often and she stated that she just by passed the scores, so kids didn’t compare themselves to others and feel badly if they got it wrong. If you were doing it as a game, that would be different, but to use as a way to assess, the scores may become counterproductive.

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