Week Two Reflection 668

Week Two Reflection 668

This week in class we blogged about the question, “What role does professional satisfaction play in the effectiveness of a classroom? For me, professional satisfaction plays an important role in the effectiveness of a classroom. I know that, for me, professional satisfaction comes when I am taking classes and try to increase my knowledge as a teacher. I am professionally satisfied, and I know that that plays a role in the effectiveness of my classroom. As teachers, we are always taking classes because we need to have so many credits to renew our license every 5 years. I take classes because I am interested in increasing my knowledge as a teacher and want to bring that knowledge into my classroom.

In reading other people’s blogs, Cherie made a good point about a study that she read about. I thought it was interesting because those points that she mentioned are important to me as well. I need to be able to talk to my co-workers and principal, and be in a building where I feel that people care not only about me but the students as well and want to make a difference. Sally made a good point that teachers need to find their satisfaction so they can make a difference in the lives of the students they teach. If they are not satisfied, then that will reflect in the classroom. Sam had an interesting story that made me think that each of us is our own person and has our own personality. We can only teach to the best of our abilities. Tyler made a point that I agreed with that even a great teacher can get better. I think we all can benefit from more learning. All the blogs that I read had very interesting points that were good to think about.

In our twitter session I still didn’t have my book and so I did my best by researching online some of the questions that were asked. The twitter session was more about the readings. I found what I could online related to the questions that were asked. I will be getting my book soon.

So things are going pretty well in my classes. I can’t wait to get my books so I am better equipped to answer the questions that are asked. I am still feeling behind but trying my best to keep up. I look forward to the new information that I am going to learn this semester and see how I can bring that into my classroom and share it with my co-workers. Things are getting into a routine, and I know what to do. I just feel a little behind. I like to have things done ahead of time. I think it will be a little struggle with teaching to get all of the reading for my classes done. I know I am not the only one in this boat, so I don’t feel too bad. I just want to try harder to get ahead and be ahead of my reading and assignments. I like that feeling when I have things done before they are due. I am keeping up, though, so that will work for now.


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