Week Two Reflection 636

Week Two Reflection 636

This week in our class we blogged about, “How is Qualitative Research a good lens through which to view classroom research?” Qualitative research methods provide a good lens through which to view classroom research because they examine human behavior and the reasons for that behavior. I look forward to learning more about qualitative research methods and how to use them to expand my knowledge about what I’m doing and how I can change up my teaching to reach more students.

In our Twitter session, we tweeted about what our research question is going to be. Mine is, “How does answering questions online have an impact on your students who participate?” I am going to try Kahoot in my class. I am excited to see the impact and what students will think of it. The other questions that we tweeted about were to get us thinking about our qualitative research project.

In responding to others’ blogs, Peter included the quote, “Qualitative Research is a good lens through which to view classroom research for the very fact that its goal is to understand the experience of participants, often of a small population, in a specific setting,” (Merriam, 2016, p. 18) which I thought was right on the point. Sara made the point that qualitative research allows teachers to research according to their needs and to change their research if they find it to be necessary. Genevieve quoted Merriam: “Qualitative Research is a good lens through which to view classroom research because the individual (teacher) doing the research wants to understand their (students) experiences, how they construct their worlds, and what they characterize their experience as (p. 5). I thought these were all great examples that explained what qualitative research is.

I know once I get started on this project that the steps will become clearer. Right now, I just need to see if Kahoot will load on the computers that I have. I know I can get it on my computer but I’m not sure about the computers that we have. They are older computers. Once I have confirmed that it works, then I will get started with the first step. It is going to be an exciting project. I am curious to find out what the students will think of it and to see how they will respond to it. If I see great responses, I just might use it more often in all of my classes.


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