Week 1 Reflection EDET 636

Week 1 Reflection: EDET 636

            The start of classes is always a whirlwind for me. Teaching and not having as much time as I did in the summer always makes the beginning of fall classes feel rushed. I think once I get in the routine of things again and am able to balance my teaching work with my course readings and blogs then I will start to feel settled.

This week in EDET 636 class we wrote about what is classroom research and how can it improve my integrating technology into my classroom? I am excited about doing this classroom research and discovering what the findings say. I am going to use Kahoot in my classroom and see if using that increases participation in my class. I just learned about Kahoot at the beginning of this school year. Our principal did a lesson with us. I thought it was neat, and then thought this would be a great research project for my class. I just hope that it will work on the computers that I have.

In reading other people’s blogs, Tristan made a good point that I need to think about. He mentioned finding more ways to integrate technology with the outside world. I know I need to improve on that. I use technology regularly, but not for connecting kids with the outside world. With all of the teaching resources not available online, my students could really benefit from expanded connectivity. Peter had a good quote: “There is substantial evidence that incorporating technology, of any kind, in the classroom as an instructional tool enhances student learning and educational outcomes” (Devlin, 2013). I think technology should be used every day in the classroom when possible. After all, students now use technology every day outside of school.

Sarah had a good point that even when we use technology we need to find ways to engage the students. Technology at school is different from how they use it at home, so we need to find engaging ways to get them involved. Genevieve suggested including culture and movement into the lessons to make them more engaging. I know it is hard for some of my students to sit over for an hour, so I am going to try to include movement in some of my lessons. She also talked about brain breaks, which also make a lot of sense. Even as adults, we need brain breaks and find it hard to sit over an hour. I am getting some great ideas reading other people’s blogs.

            I am looking forward to this semester because I know it does go fast once you are working. I think it will go extra fast for me being that I am teaching and also taking classes. I look forward to the information that I will gain this semester and the results from my classroom study.


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