Week 1 Reflection 668

Week One EDET 668 Reflection

This week in class, we class we blogged about How do we keep our lessons engaging? And does innovation play a part in this? I think to keep lessons engaging we have to know our students and their learning styles. I do believe innovation does play a big part in preparing engaging lessons. As a teacher, you are always trying to be creative with your lessons. Not every student in your classroom is going to like the way you ask the class to do an assignment. That is why, with projects, I try to let the students have a choice on how they present the work. As long as they meet the criteria of the project they can put it together however they want. I think this gives them choice and also gets them engaged.

This class, we have to mentor someone in technology use in their classroom. I was thinking of using Kahoots to mentor a math teacher. Since I am doing this study for my other class, I thought I could carry it over to this class and use it to mentor someone who might benefit. I first have to see which teacher I can work with. They will have to have computers in the classroom. Once I figure that out, I will talk to a teacher and see if they will help me with this mentoring project.

In reading people’s blogs, Ali’s had some good points about formative assessment. She made some other suggestions like Google forms and Socrative, besides Kahoot. I think I will look at those as well. Cindy pointed out some suggestions for an engaging lesson, from Dave Burgess, which look like they would be good to remember. Sunshine made a good point about differentiation and students sharing their knowledge about technology with each other. I agree, this is one of the best ways to engage students. I have seen this before in my class when students have had the knowledge and I have asked them to share their knowledge with others. They are more engaged because they know what they are doing and are excited to share what they know.

Tyler made a good point about being open to new ideas and willing to take risks. I think this is very important not only for students but for us as teachers as well. I have seen myself grow as a learner because of my willingness to take risks and open up to new ideas.

It is good to be back in class. I still feel a little overwhelmed, but I know that will subside as soon as I am in the swing of things. I look forward to learning new ideas this semester and sharing my knowledge with others in this class and with the students I work with every day in the classroom.


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