Two Old Women Unit and Proposal


4 thoughts on “Two Old Women Unit and Proposal

  1. Your idea of using Two Old Women is so clever! Students can use Minecraft but will also get Native background and history in your integrated unit! It’s a wonderful idea. I hope you get your funding. 🙂

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  2. I have heard so much about how teachers can incorporate Minecraft into lessons, but I have never really seen an example of how a teacher would do that. Your lesson for Two Old Women is a great example of how Minecraft could be used. I like that your unit plan is cross curricular and that it meets so many of the district’s goals. Your unit using Minecraft is also a great way of differentiating! I hope you get your funding!

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  3. I like the use of Minecraft with any subject, I think its a great way to get kids involved. I think this is a great way to get kids involved in history, and use a program to teach across the curriculum. I hope you get your funding, this is a great proposal.

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  4. Not wanting to miss school!! Love that in a culture that lets kids stay home, like school is optional. High student interest, student-focused unit, very relevant to the generation we have in our classrooms. I’m interested in how this really works, as Minecraft Edu World of Humanities was my project proposal. Just so curious to see how this will work, how the students respond, and how this will connect the learners with the learning. Good luck!!

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