5 thoughts on “MakerSpace Proposal

  1. Theresa,

    I like how you gave examples of what types of things students can create in a makerspace. I also liked the video you shared that features students making and describing how you can be creative in a makerspace. That is a great idea that high school and middle school students could possibly get credit for participating in the makerspace. I like that elementary students would be able to use the makerspace along with older students.

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  2. Nice proposal! I like how you used the YouTube video to support the importance of a makerspace. Maybe after you incorporate your makerspace you can get some of your schools students to talk about the importance of makerspaces and share that with admin, teachers and the community. Great idea having high school students work with middles school students. Cross grade level collaboration would be cool. I wonder if you could even have the middle school students work with the upper elementary students at some point.


  3. Your presentation is very well done. You could easily use this to show administrators and faculty why a makerspace is a good idea. I can see this as part of an in-service training at your school. Adding short video clips was a fantastic idea. It provides another perspective about how a makerspace works. Nice work, Theresa

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  4. This is great, this video should be a great tool to take to the district and show why you need a makerspace. The students here do a great job of selling the idea, and why it is important to have. Great presentation.

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