Week 11 Reflection: Robotics

Week 11 Robotics Reflection

This week we blogged about “How Will You Continue to Learn 21st Century Skills and Allow Your Students this Experience in Your Classroom.” I am keeping up with the 21st century skills by taking technology classes. I will also continue to further my knowledge by taking other classes that will help me as a teacher and help my students. I will look at resources that the Internet provides and other resources such as books to help me keep up with 21st century pedagogy.

In responding to people’s blogs, Megan made a good point about PNL (Personal Network Learning). She said, “A PNL is a great resource to have to help you find good books, resources, and blogs.” This made me think that I need to develop my PNL. I have several good resources, communities, and blogs that I can follow. I just need to develop them so they are all in one place and I can find them. There are so many resources that I have, that I need to filter the ones that I can use and create a place for them where I can find them. Scott made a good point about following up on learning new technology. I find that many times when I go to in-service and learn something new, no one follows up to see if we are getting it or need help. I often will forget what I have learned if I don’t use it or try to learn on my own. Jessica had a great suggestion on hobbies day. This is a day where kids bring in their hobbies to school and share them. I thought it was good because you probably will have students who don’t have a hobby and they might get an interest in something that someone has brought. Cindy has made a point about so much technology out there. We as teachers need to not only find but figure out how to keep organized the resources that we can use to aid our students in the 21st century.

In our Arduino meeting tonight, I worked on lesson #11 Crystal Ball. I think this was by far the hardest one that I have tried yet, maybe because of all the wires. I got all of the wires on the Arduino board and uploaded the code but didn’t get the crystal ball to display. I tried to double check my wires and move some around but still got nothing. There are so many wires on this project that it is hard to keep track of which one goes where. I went through all my wires and made sure everything was pushed in all the way but still didn’t get anything by the end of class. I will have to try later on my own to see if I can get it to work.

I think this is our last Arduino class. I know I have learned a lot and would find this a interesting elective class to have for my students. The final week, we are just presenting keynotes on our proposals, and then we are finished. The summer term has gone by quickly. I will probably have about two weeks off before my next set of classes are to start. I am ready and excited to see what I will learn in my next set of classes. I know I have learned so much in these last few classes that I have taken. I just look forward to when I can take what I learn and bring it in the classroom for my students to use.


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