Week 11 Reflection: Emerging Technology

Week 11 Reflection: Emerging Technology

This week in Emerging Technology we blogged about, “What Specific Policies Will Help Your District Prepare Students For Current and Emerging Technology Use and How Can You Help.”I said that the policies that Anchorage School District has now need to be updated. The district has said that, given the budget situation, it is difficult to plan for expansion of technology. According to ASD’s current technology plan, “the overarching goal is to capitalize on opportunities that focus our use of instructional technology to get the greatest return on investment by consolidating resources, restructuring support models, leveraging emerging technologies whenever possible, and utilizing continuous improvement cycles to evaluate and refine our practices.” (http://www.asdk12.org/media/anchorage/globalmedia/documents/ edtech/ASDTechnologyPlan2014-2017.pdf.)

I thought Alberta’s framework provided an excellent set of policies to follow. I think if we are to update our policies that I would help lead by presenting these policies to our administration. They are only 5 and they are research-based and short and simple.

In reading people’s blogs, I found that we all agreed that Alberta’s framework was a good guideline to follow. Marie made a good point about incorporating culture into lessons. Tristan pointed out that 3 out of 4 students prefer technology. I said I saw this when I took my students to the library. They have all those books and they prefer to use a computer. Many also talked about students using their own technology. I see that coming to our schools soon, and I want to be part of the committee so that “BYOD”is implemented without any snags and goes smoothly.

In our Twitter session, we talked about how media has an impact in our classrooms. Most of us agree that media provides students with a powerful learning tool. Another question we tweeted about was how parents and community play a role in the transformation of the learning culture. We all agree that parents and the community are very important. After all, parents are the kids’ first teacher. These were a few points that stood out for me.

This was our last Tweeter session. I can’t believe how fast this term has gone. It has been an eventful summer of learning, but I am ready for a break, at least for a little while before I start up again.

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