Week 10 Reflection: Emerging Technology

Week 10 Reflection: Emerging Technology

This week in class we blogged about “How Are Electronics Viable Additions To Crafting”. To me crafting can be with anything you create and that includes electronics. I learned about some pretty amazing tools that you can use with electronics like shown in the video, “How To Sketch With Electronics.” I was pretty amazed of what they can do. I can see using this in my geography class where kids draw a map and then where they came from “lights up”. I think that would look pretty neat.

In our Twitter session we tweeted about Wearable Technology. Our first question was on chibitronics and how they can be used. I thought that students can drawn maps and use that to light up the places they live. Another person tweeted Christmas cards. It also can create creativity and imagination of things that students can create with it. Many of use agreed that we see benefits of wearable technology and don’t really see cons on it. I thought some great benefits are the technology devices that helps you with your health. I am just amazed of how much wearable technology there is and how they are coming up with new and improved wearable technology.

I can’t believe we are down to our last week of class. I think we have one more blog and twitter session and we are done. It has gone by pretty fast. I am feeling pretty good about my papers and assignments that I have been working on. I still need to work on another assignment for my other class but then I am done. At least until the next classes start which I already signed up for. I guess when you keep yourself busy, days do go by quickly because school is right around the corner.

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