Week 10 Robotics Reflection

Week 10 Reflection: Robotics

This week for our blog we talked about our school and why it needs a MakerSpace. I showed how it aligned with ASD goals and ASD Destination 2020 goals. I said that we want our students to be prepared for the 21st century and a MakerSpace will help with that and let students take ownership of their learning.

Goal #2 is for 90% of students to graduate from high school. I think this will help those students want to stay at school.

Goal #3 is that students will attend school 90% of the time. If they are engaged and excited about a MakerSpace, students will want to be at school. Being excited about school will also help with the next goal.

Goal #4 is that more parents will recommend their schools to others. If parents see that their student is excited about school and doesn’t want to miss it, then they will recommend their school to others.

A MakerSpace will help with these goals that our district is trying to reach.It will also encourage deeper thinking, curiosity, and collaboration. With a MakerSpace, students will be excited and motivated to learn. I look forward to the day we get one.

Responding to people’s blogs, everyone had pretty good reasons why their school should have a MakerSpace. Two that I read stood out. One was Scott’s, in which he said a Makerspace follows the principals of project-based learning, which leads to long-term retention of content and improves scores, problem solving skills, collaboration skills, and attitudes toward learning. I thought those were good points that he made. In the last two weeks at Megan’s school, they have an art camp.  I thought that was very interesting. She also pointed out that more hands-on learning needs to take place for the students, and I couldn’t agree more.

For my robotics class, I worked on project 10, the Zoetrope. I got all of my pieces on the board out in the code and then it gave me an error. I looked at my pieces on the Arduino board and redid it. I put the pieces back on and tried again and still got the same message. I then googled to see if I could find the answer, and found out it was not connecting right. So I looked at my cord and, sure enough, I didn’t have my connector plugged in all the way. As soon as I plugged that in, it started to work. I pushed the button and the zoetrope started to turn. It didn’t turn fast, but it was turning, so I was happy about that. I decided to call that a success and then called it a night, since it was the end of class.


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