Week 10 Emerging Technology

Week 10 Emerging Technology: How Are Electronics Viable Additions to “Crafting” For

Today’s Young Person?

Electronics can be used in a variety of ways to craft for young people. “Crafting” means the ability to create something unique. You can create so many different things. The video “Leah Buechley: How to ‘Sketch’ with Electronics” shows some pretty amazing things that students can draw. I can see this being use in any type of class, especially art, geography, language arts, math, and music. The possibilities for what students can create with these electronics are endless. In geography, I can have the students draw a map of the world and then put a dot that lights up of the places they have lived. I think that would be neat to see. There are other possibilities that they can do with this type of technology.

Chibitronics is another great electronic learning tool. I can see using it in art class. Students can draw a painting and have it light up in the places they want it to. This would be a neat project to share at parent conferences. I think the parents would be very impressed by what their children are doing at school.

The flora is wearable and students can create many items from that. They can create a hat, shirt, skirt, add on to their pants, etc. The flora sounds like it is easy to use. It is fabric friendly and beginner friendly. This would be a great project for students to start with. I know it will make it easier for me as well since I never have created one myself. If it is beginner friendly then I think the students and I can create something from it.

So, to me, electronics is a viable addition to crafting. With it, you can create something extraordinary and original. There is nothing that you can’t create. All you need is to use your artistic skills and go to work creating something beautiful and unique that you will truly enjoy.


Buechley, L. (2012). “Leah Buechley: How to ’sketch’ with electronics.” Retrieved July 20, 2015, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTBp0Z5GPeI.


Interactive Light Painting: Pu Gong Ying Tu (Dandelion Painting). (2015). Retrieved July 20, 2015, from https://vimeo.com/40904471.

7 thoughts on “Week 10 Emerging Technology

  1. I like your idea of using the conductive pen to draw a map. Great idea. The thing I like most about using electronics in the classroom is the empowerment aspect. Giving the students the tools to feel they can do it. Whatever it is.

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  2. I think it would be great to show parents. So many times we show them a painting or a drawing and they are probably thinking “yeah they do that at home” or at least that’s what I think they are thinking. If we could show them art with lights or lights lighting up to the beat of music, they would probably be more inclined to think “wow I never knew my kid could make something like that.” I think it would get a lot more kids interested in the art aspect of different subjects, and draw the artsy kids who don’t really like some subjects in because we could incorporate it in so many ways. With all the things we have to teach during the school year, it is so hard to find time to specifically focus on teaching art, but we could incorporate crafting and technology into any subject and have art. I think the kids would really enjoy it and that excitement would hopefully rub off on the parents too!


  3. I really like the map idea, I think that would fun for them to create. It would be neat to see where everyone is from. Your blog is very to the point. All you can really do is craft with this stuff. I think the technology is genius, but I don’t really see the applications in education beyond a creation point. This was a hard week for me, I don’t see this as a tool I could take to my school and say “hay give me four hours this week my kids are going to make blinking cards”, they would think I am nuts. You have some really good points, but for me it is not something I will look into any further.


  4. I loved the art idea that you wrote about! I hadn’t really figured out how to incorporate “crafting” into my classroom, but art does seem like a really good way to do so. The only thing that my district would struggle with would be finding the money to pay for the electronic resources. We had a hard enough time getting computer access for each student, so in the immediate future I do not see “crafting” becoming a huge part of my school. Hopefully soon though!

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