Week 9 Reflection Robotics

Week 9 Reflection: Robotics

This week in Robotics class we read and wrote about “What Do You Need to Coordinate a Maker Day for Your School?” Being that I am new to all of this, I went off of the Maker Tool Kit suggestions. It looks like it will be a lot of work, but I think, with the right people, this can happen. I would start early in the school year because I think that it would take a lot of planning to make sure that it runs smoothly and that we have the resources we need to make it happen.

Reading other people’s blogs, I learned from Jessica that President Obama hosted a Maker Faire. I also learned that these are popping up all over the world, from Nigeria and China to Egypt. I also learned the difference between a maker faire and a maker day. I thought Jessica had a good idea of letting the students do most of the work, like making flyers and posters, and being involved in the planning in general. I think this would make it more exciting for students as well. In Cherie’s post, she said she would start small, maybe with just her class. I like that idea. I think I would start small as well. Then I can see about expanding to a larger maker day at school. I really like how Ali wants to coordinate her maker day. She wants to do it in sections like a classroom or two for technology, one for free maker space where they can create what they want, and a few others on different things. I also like her idea of distributing educational brochures on the purpose of maker spaces so parents and other community members can learn more about them. Since getting people outside of school to contribute money and materials for maker events, a brochure could help to build bridges with not only parents and administrators, but potential supporters in the business community.

For our Arduino meeting, I was working on the Digital Hourglass. I tried to play around with it a few times but couldn’t get the lights to light up. It also takes 10 minutes to see if it is working. I finally moved on to Motorized Pinwheel. I was very surprised and happy that I got this to work on the first try. Usually, I have to play around with some of the pieces to get it to work. This time, I got a sense of what success feels like. Arduino has given me new empathy for students who struggle with technology assignments and the effect a breakthrough can have on a person. Having my project go so smoothly ended my week on a high note. Feeling pretty good about that!

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