Week 8 Reflection: Robotics

Week 8 Reflection: Robotics

This week we read and blogged about “Can You Teach More Than You Know?” My answer was yes. I said I know that you can teach more than you know because, when I first started teaching, I sometimes didn’t know much about the subject I was teaching. I guided the students’ learning and helped them along. I don’t know if any teacher can know everything they are going to teach. I know with technology you can also teach more than you know. For example, I wanted to do a project with iMovie. I didn’t know much about it, but, when I asked the students about it, I found out that several students had done iMovie before. When we came to putting it together, the students that had worked with iMovie before became the teachers. I let them help the other students. I also learned a lot from these students.

I found that every class blog that I read felt the same as me, in that we can teach more than we know. We also felt that a classroom should support exchanges between teachers and students, and among students, in which all learn from each other. From Scott’s blog, I really liked the motto, “Three before Me.” The students have to ask three students the question before asking the teacher. I think that is what I will start doing. It is good that the students teach and help each other out. In Megan’s blog, I found that I felt the same way about technology as she does. Before, if I didn’t know everything about it, then I wouldn’t want to try it. I didn’t want to run into a student asking me a question and not have the answer. Now I am more willing to try new a new tool, even if I don’t know it all. I figure some of the students will know what we are doing and I can learn from them and they can teach others. Most of the time, that is the case; someone will know what to do if we run into a snag. If not, we try to figure it out together.

I am still a little apprehensive about my club draft. I did the best I could on the rough draft and looked at the teacher’s suggestions. I will have to work on this much more. This is meant to be a proposal and, being that I have never prepared this kind of proposal, I am unsure how to write it up. I wish that I had an example to look at just to see the layout of the paper. I am not sure how to create a web page. I also have to look into the funding sources and see if my school can match the criteria. My professor thought the idea of younger students coming to work with older students was a good idea, so I will have to work more on the vision of what I would like this to look like.

I haven’t worked on my Arduino this week because I didn’t want to bring it with me when I traveled. I was scared that I might lose some of the pieces, so I will work on that when I get back home. I was working on the one where you have to wait ten minutes before a light turned on. I worked on it for about two hours to try to get it to work and I couldn’t get a light to turn on. I might try again when I go back to see if it will work, and, if not, find a video I can look at to see where I am going wrong. If I still can’t get it, then I will just move on. So I am feeling pretty good overall but just a bit edgy about my proposal and getting some of my projects done with the Arduino. All I can do is keep trying and do my best!

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