week 7 reflection: Robotics

Week 7 Reflection: Robotics

This week in robotics we have been reading about rules for MakerSpaces and then we had to write what our rules would be. Being new to MakerSpaces, I chose to use the rules from the MakerSpace playbook. I thought it was a good set of rules and if I need to I can always add more or take away some rules if they are needed or not.

Reading other people’s blogs I see that most of us had the same rules. A few had modified their rules because they have younger students. One thing is we want students to be safe and to have fun and be creative. Many of us are in agreement to start small and then expand. Our primary concern is the safety of the students. I really like how Ali thought about a KWL assignment and asking the kids what they know about a MakerSpace. I told her that I would have to take that idea because it is such a good one and I am curious now. Another good idea she suggested was to ask students to contribute to the rules so they have ownership as well. Cheri made a good point that rules don’t make children safe; behaviors do. I thought everyone had great ideas for rules to get started.

For my Arduino, I was working on project 7, The Keyboard. I got all my pieces in the breadboard and put my code in. At first, I only got one key to play. I played around some more then got two and three. I could not get the 4th key to play. I gave it a rest and tried it again the next day. I looked it up on YouTube, but that wasn’t much help because the examples seemed to have different color resistors that the ones I do. I tried again and took out each piece to make sure each was stuck in all the way. Still no results so I finally just moved on. I am happy that I got three keys to work.

I am working on the next project—the Digital Hour class and have a few hours into it now. After you put in the code you have to wait 10 minutes before the light turns on and you can see if it works. Scott told me to move the switch around, as he had had problems, too. I moved it to one side and waited ten minutes and moved it to the other side and waited ten minutes. Still no results. This project is frustrating because you have to wait so long to know if it works. I have put it away for now and will come back to it later to try to get it to work or maybe try another project. It is frustrating when it doesn’t work the first time, but all I can do is keep trying and, hopefully, I will get it soon. I am pretty happy with how things are going with my projects. Sure, I don’t get it the first time or may not have gotten all the parts to work, but I got some to work and I am happy about that. I am doing something that I thought I would never do and succeeding for the most part, so I am good with that.


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