week 7 reflection: Emerging Technology

Week 7 Reflection: Emerging Technology

This week we have read about how 3D technology can change the way we think about education. Just from my readings this week I know that 3D printing will change the way we think about education. A 3D printer will instantly change your classroom into an active learning environment. I can see many benefits from a 3D printer in a classroom and how it will actively engage students.

For my class, we can print out maps, landforms, famous buildings, and many other things that relate to social studies. Students can learn about famous people or land features from social studies and 3D print the results before doing a report on the person or place. I believe there are endless possibilities for projects that a 3D printer can do in your classroom. I think that this will engage those students who need to touch and feel things to learn.

I learned from Margaret’s blog that future predictions state that 3D printing will make life barely recognizable in 50 to 70 years. 3D printing is making such a huge impact on everything now that I know this will happen. Becca made a point that they are even 3D printing food! To me I just can’t imagine that, much less want to eat it. John made a good point that it would be good technology to have in a MakerSpace. If they needed a part, they can just print it out. How cool would that be? Rachel made a good point—that teachers can on a 3D printer many of the things we now draw on a board.

In our Twitter session, which Mandi and I hosted tonight, I can see that everyone is for 3D printers. They see mostly good from getting a 3D printer. The only cons related to the current high cost. Another thing is most people think that this will became the norm for classrooms and society. In the near future, when prices go down, I believe there will be a 3D printer in every classroom like there is a regular printer in about every classroom. The other only thing I see as a con is the amount of time that is takes to print. In one video I saw on someone’s blog, it said the student watched for about 30 minutes as his creation came to life. I am thinking well this would be a problem if students are all wanting to print and only can print one at a time. Another thing is our class times are no longer than 65 minutes. Will two students be able to print in that time? This is something to think about. I think, though, as the technology gets better each year, that printing time will also came down. I am excited for that day when we get a 3D printer and when I see the excitement on the students’ faces as their creations are forming. I know I will be just as excited. I look forward to that day because I will be ready for that technology and ready to share it with my students.


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