Week 6 Reflection: Robotics

Week 6 Reflection: Robotics

This week in robotics class we have been looking at how to stock a MakerSpace, including determining the cost and how to fund it. It has been very interesting reading about this and how much MakeSpaces can cost. One interesting thing I learned is that some MakerSpaces can cost up to $70,000. I was like Wow! I know I can never get a MakerSpace like that but I can at least work on getting a small one.

I was feeling pretty good about my Arduino projects. I finished project 4 and decided to work on project 5 with our class. I am getting a little frustrated with this project. I followed Scott’s example and still cannot get my motor to turn. I tried to google other Youtube videos on it but still have not gotten it to work. I have given it a rest for now. If I still cannot get it, I think I will just skip that project for now and come back to it another time.

Reading other people’s blogs this week, I learned that I was not alone in not knowing what to put in a MakerSpace. It made me feel better that I was not the only one who lacked sufficient experience to take this step. As for the supplies, most of us seem to be using the MakerSpace Playbook as a guide. I think Ali and I are in the same boat with this. I loved her idea of 1 hour on Fridays for MakerSpace. Not only can the kids get a feel for it, but you can as well. Jessica had a good idea of starting off with maybe two projects instead of letting them do whatever. The projects that she thought looked and sounded pretty easy to get started with were Squishy Circuit and MaKey MaKey. I think I would go with her ideas as well. Cherie talked about how she would be nervous letting children in her age group use tools. I told her I feel the same way—and I work with 7th graders! I would bring in extra help if they were to use a tool that could cause harm.  Scott talked about the sustainability of a club like this. I agree that it will take money and we would have to seek most of our funding from other sources since the school budget is dwindling.

As for the club planning, I have started a draft, but am not sure how to write this out. I am glad that it is just a draft because I still need to do a lot of work on it. For some reason, I just can’t see how to write this out. To me, it seems like we are going to write a proposal and this is something that we can give our administrator’s to get a MakerSpace started. Given that I never wrote a proposal I am not quite sure how to do this. For now I am just following the rubric and trying to get in some preliminary pieces. I am sure that it will become clearer as we get feedback on it. So far I am feeling ok with how things are going overall in the class. I am just not feeling too good right now with the club planning. But I am sure the fog will clear for me on that. As for the Arduino, I am hoping that the other projects will go more smoothly and I will get to feel more successful. It has been a struggle, but one I am willing to stay in until I learn what I need to know.


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